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What I Said, What You Heard

     Let's face it.  Sometimes we don't do a very good job of being clear in our communications.  What we want to say is certainly clear in our minds, but somehow, on its way out of our mouths, things get muddled.  Unfortunately, this is a natural occurrence, and all sorts of important information gets lost in the exchange.  You say one thing; they hear another.  You meant one thing; they perceive another.  In the workplace where communication is essential, unclear information can cause all kinds of losses to the organization.  Everything from people doing the wrong things at the wrong times with the wrong people to customers' needs being misunderstood, and the ball gets dropped.         So how do we clear up the confusion?  There are myriad ways based on where the holes are.  But I'll offer you up three.      1)  After having a conversation about something that is vital, follow it up in writing.  That way, when you go back and read what you've written (and yo

2016 Administrative Professionals Conference--See my presentation!

Join me as I present "Zero Visibility:  How Blind Spots Impact Our Success" at the Administrative Professionals Conference, April 28th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.