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10 Reasons Why Morale May Be Low in Your Office

           For companies that pay attention to it, the condition of morale is an essential part of determining if the company’s environment is healthy and poised for growth.   When morale is high, people are ready to come to work and be productive.   Alternatively, when morale is low, people (mostly) come in, and they perform the minimum until they can escape at the end of the day.      In a low morale environment, it’s easy to find a lethargic, stagnant staff largely going through the motions but not inspired to color outside the lines.   The resentment felt throughout the office is as heavy as a winter coat weighed down by a cold, rainy day.   So why do these dismal, drab feelings occur?   What is causing morale to suffer near the bottom of the pile of office ailments?      No doubt there are a plethora of reasons, but we’ll try to narrow them down to the top ten.   See if you recognize any of the ten in your work environment: 1.    An overbearing boss. A boss