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Evaluate to Motivate

     One of the biggest issues for managers in conducting performance appraisals is actually doing them.  They hate it!  They'd rather go get a tooth pulled--without anesthesia.  Why?  I've been told it's because they don't know how to give people negative feedback.  They anticipate some ugliness will ensue when they tell somebody they aren't up to par in their job performance.  Most likely this will happen if the manager feels uncomfortable doing this type of sensitive task, especially if she's experienced it before.  The issue is not as much about having to give the feedback as it is that she's probably done it before in the wrong way.  That's why she gets push-back and defensiveness.  In order to squash being gun-shy about performance appraisals, I would challenge managers to learn to evaluate to motivate .  Here's how:      Use the appraisal as a tool to coach your people to success.  Rather than seeing it as a weapon to beat the employee over t