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FREE WEBINAR: "The Four Pitfalls of Communications"

        At a time when it seems like everybody's running around doing crazy things that are counterproductive to building relationships, here's an opportunity to learn how to start saying things that will lead to more rational actions.  The Sisters of Charity Foundation in Columbia, SC is hosting a free webinar to tackle the tough challenges of being able to communicate well.  We all falter at some point along the way when we try to express our thoughts, opinions or feelings.  We know what we want to say, but somehow, what's in our heads doesn't always come out appropriately from our mouths.  Sometimes our thoughts are all scrambled like Legos in a pile on the floor, and we have difficulty coherently articulating what we really feel.  There are all kinds of reasons why we fail at communications.  In this 45-minute webinar, you'll hear about only four.  But in those four, you'll discover how to start to overcome them, and increase your chances of building

Why (S)Lacking in Communications Costs

            You send out an email to your boss, and you don’t hear anything back that day—or the next day.   Or the next two days.   Or at all.   You leave a message for a coworker, and it seems to have disappeared into a vortex akin to a flushing toilet because all you get back is recycled—silence.   You text one of your fellow volunteers to check on a date for the next meeting, and you may as well have sent a smoke signal.   Your message seems to have evaporated.   Not communicating is very much on the list of poor communications behaviors.   Poor communication is not just bad word choices, rude responses, sharp tones or unclear input.   It’s also slow or no responses to communications with you.             It’s happened to you, and yes, you’ve done it to others.   You’ve neglected and been neglected.   For myriad reasons, you excuse the need to be responsive.   You’re too busy to answer right now.   The message isn’t urgent so it can wait.   The message is from annoying