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The Power of Silence in a World of Distractions

         For years, I’ve encouraged people to speak up and speak out regarding matters important to them.   I’m a big proponent of talking through problems, resolving conflicts through meaningful dialogue, and speaking frankly to bring people to greater self-awareness.   But with all this talk about, well, talk, there are also important times when silence is essential.           In communications, silence is as important as trying to find the right words to gain buy-in or being cognizant of our body language and even listening attentively.   There are times when choosing to save our words for ourselves is far more effective for our growth than saying what we feel.   Self-talk—though largely practiced negatively by most of us (think:   “I can’t do this” or “He must be out of his mind”)—can be self-motivating when done correctly.   Thinking deeply about an issue and walking through all sides of it in an internal dialog can address those areas that one might feel uncomfort